Question Time

Answers to a selection of questions posed as part of the 30 Day Writing Challenge I’m taking part in.

When someone asks you what you do, how do you answer that?

I design and build websites for passionate businesses with oodles of personality.

My website intro blurb adds flesh to the bones:

I am a creative little so–and–so, helping your small business make a big noise.

You love what you do and your customers love you for it, but is your website somewhere you can all call home? I’ll help you get closer to the people who matter most to you with a website full of boom and bang, built by someone who also loves what they do.

When you hear the word successful, who is the first person that comes to mind and why?

Everyone defines success differently. Thankfully, there’s a wealth of great stories and engaging individuals to learn from, pushing us to redefine expectations of what we’re capable of.

My true inspiration comes from those I interact with on a personal level though. Whose achievements and positive impact on the world and those around them fly in the face of any mental or physical struggles they contend with behind closed doors. It’s the kind of success that humbles and spurs me on in equal measures.

What are you not very good at?

Celebrating what I’m good at.

There’s a fine line to be tread when dedicating time and effort to becoming a better version of yourself. Continually targeting perceived weaknesses or inefficiencies can lead to an overriding sense that you’re falling short of life’s mark. It’s all too easy to forget how bloody brilliant you are at a lot of things—ask a friend or loved one for a different perspective (if you dare!). Achieving a more balanced and considered view is a constant work in progress.

What is your favourite or most influential book? Why?

Influential: The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

The Four Hour Work Week shows you how to ‘escape the 9-5, live anywhere and join the new rich’. Bold claims! There’s a huge number of actionable points throughout but, it’s the underlying principles that resonate most. The impact on my approach to life and business has been deep and long lasting.

In essence, this is a book about problem solving—how to get more from less. You’re challenged to question assumptions, reduce problems to their base components and draw your own conclusions. They may counter the common view but as a result, you can greatly accelerate the journey to your goal.

The book changed the course of my learning habits and ignited a journey of self discovery along with an appetite for reading that I’m forever trying to keep pace with.

Links of note:

What’s a good documentary you’ve watched recently?

Hoop Dreams

I recently re-watched this gem having worn out my VHS copy as a teenager. The film follows the struggles of two inner-city boys as they pursue their dreams of basketball stardom, and set a new gold standard for documentaries on its release.

It’s testament to the film that Hoop Dreams has become a favourite despite the fact I’ve nothing but a passing interest in the sport itself. The pursuit of (sporting) excellence combined with the trials of teenage life makes for a compelling watch—it gets me in the stomach as much now as it did 20 years ago.

Other favourites:

The Look of Silence
Some Kind of Monster
Jiro Dreams of Sushi

If you could go back and give your 20 year old self some advice, what would you say?

To give some context, I was in my first year of university pursuing a degree in Business Economics.

“Don’t take your opportunities for granted. Either make the most of them or choose a different path that excites and brings the best of you. Add some intent to your day–time is on your side but treat it with respect.”

If you could put a billboard anywhere, what would it say?

24 little hours, it’s how you use them.

A tad pretentious perhaps! That said, I regularly remind myself that we all have the same amount of daily hours to achieve our goals; from celebrated entrepreneurs to your average Joe. It helps bring purpose to how I choose to spend my time.

What’s something that you’ve changed your mind about recently?

That I need medical intervention to put an end to a decade of chronic fatigue. It turns out I’m wrong—healthy blood test results have recently informed me otherwise.

It’s empowering to know that my well-being is completely in my hands and brings hope of an energised future.

What are you excited about right now?

Having just huffed and puffed through Week 6 of Couch to 5k, I’m starting to think I may pull this one off and get that 5K nailed in the coming weeks. Memories of laboured 1min intervals only a handful of weeks away seem pretty incredible now considering the 25mins chalked off today.

A growing sense that my mind can outrun my body is invigorating; a feeling of endurance that’s eluded me since childhood. Previously, you wouldn’t have heard even a whisper of positivity from me on the subject of running but, I fear it may just be starting to get under the skin a little!

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